Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Collection
Contractor: American Disposal Service (ADS) - (703) 368-0500


  • Trash must be placed in trash cans and put at the curb by no later than 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the scheduled collection, and not earlier than the evening before the scheduled collection day.
  • Please make note that no paint, motor oil, insecticide or other toxic/hazardous material (or container) will be collected.
  • Please note per the Burke Centre Conservancy’s Architectural Standards: “for health and aesthetic reasons trash shall be put out in closed, rodent-proof containers...” ADS will pick up trash disposed of in plastic bags, however, the Conservancy guidelines require that all trash be placed in rodent-proof containers. Plastic bags are not considered rodent-proof unless they are deposited into a metal or plastic container with a lid.

  • All trash cans should be clearly marked with the house number to help the Conservancy staff narrow down and identify homes in neighborhoods where it can be challenging to identify who is responsible for improper disposal of trash in plastic bags.

For service complaints and to request special pickups, please contact ADS at (703) 368-0500. You are encouraged to also report complaints to the Conservancy office for tracking purposes. Please call the office with any questions at (703) 978-2928.


  • Commons, Oaks* and Landings Neighborhoods:
    Regular Trash Pick-up: Mondays and Thursdays
    Recycle Pick-up: Thursdays
*Oaks Neighborhood Exception -- Calumet Oaks Cluster - Includes Aylor Rd, Calumet Grove Dr, Corot Ct, Sideburn Rd, Tobego Ct -- Tuesdays / Fridays -- regular trash pickup; and Tuesdays -- recyclables

  • Ponds and Woods Neighborhoods:
    Regular Trash Pick-up Tuesdays and Fridays
    Recycle Pick-up Fridays
    Recycle Pick-up Tuesdays for WOOD WREN CLUSTER (includes Wood Wren Court)
  • Bulk/Large Item Pick-ups now include WHITE GOODS*, and will occur once per week at no additional charge. (Special bulk item collection (more than 2 cubic yards, but less than 6 cubic yards) will be offered once per quarter, BY APPOINTMENT, at no additional charge. Larger bulk item pickups can be arranged by calling ADS directly at 703-368-0500.

    Note: Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units must be purged of freon before pick-up. 
  • Yard Waste & Brush Collection (grass clippings, leaves, brush, etc.) - MONDAYS for all Burke Centre homes -- Monday yard waste pickup offers a convenient way for residents to immediately discard yard debris such as pruning, clippings, leaves, etc. that is ready following a weekend of yard work (the most popular time for yard work), and eliminate unsightly piles of yard debris as quickly as possible.

    Brush is defined as that woody part of yard debris such as tree trimming or prunings with a branch diameter of four inches or less. Brush must be securely tied in bundles not exceeding 4 feet in length and not weighing more than 35 lbs. Brush exceeding these limits will not be collected. Loose brush and trimmings generated by a professional tree service are not considered and will not be picked up.

American Disposal Service (ADS) has provided the following guidelines to help make collection days as flawless as possible, and to aid crews in properly identifying whether a container holds yard waste or trash:
  • Grass clippings and leaves should be clearly marked as "YARD DEBRIS" or "YARD WASTE" and bagged in paper bags, or placed in clearly marked cans/toters.
  • Brush and limbs should be bundled and tied. Limbs should not exceed four feet in length and four inches in diameter.
  • Items that are bagged or bundled should not exceed 35 lbs. 
  • Concrete, rocks, bricks, blocks, dirt and sod are not acceptable items and will not be picked up
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Conservancy office at (703) 978-2928.


The following Burke Centre cluster (condo/co-op) areas have separate trash service -- please contact your management office for assistance with trash/recycling collection issues.
  • Burke Cove (Landings)
  • Walden Commons
  • Bridgetown Commons
  • Burkeshire Commons
  • Crevenna Oaks
  • Summit Oaks
  • Woodwalk (Landings)