Held May 7, 2019, 7:30 PM, at the Woods Community Center

TRASH: The Board is continuing to work on a strategy to restore service to the community and has asked staff to obtain some additional information for its consideration prior to making any final decisions.  Any new information will be relayed to the membership as soon as possible as this situation develops.  In the meantime, please continue to follow the ADS schedule that has been published on this web site, in the BC BUZZ, and on the Conservancy FB page since May 3, 2019. Updates will be provided
as soon as new information becomes available.

PROPOSED FIRELANES:  The Board directed the staff to pursue a postponement of our appeal in an effort to explore additional options with the fire Marshall’s office. Members will be contacted with updates as they become available. (Applies to Downeys Wood & Wood Sorrel cluster streets.)

Notice Date: 5/3/2019


Beginning with the week of May 6, 2019, ADS will follow the collection schedule as shown below until further notice. ADS will be making an adjustment to the Conservancy's billing, and the Board of Trustees will discuss this topic at their upcoming Board Working Session on Tuesday, May 7, 7:30 PM, at the Woods Community Center (10100 Wards Grove Circle). All Burke Centre Conservancy members are welcome to attend. A huge thanks to everyone for the continued patience and cooperation.




Dear Conservancy Members,

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Conservancy has been experiencing major issues with one of our largest service contracts, trash and recycling collection, and the company that provides it, American Disposal Service (ADS).

ADS was notified by the Conservancy at the end of March that they were in breach of contract, and at that time they advised us that a regional labor shortage in the trash industry was the chief cause of the erratic collection schedule.  Based upon what we were told, we had some reason to hope this issue would be resolved in a timely manner.  

The Board of Trustees has been receiving regular briefings on the status of this issue, and initially, our strategy was to try and work with ADS while they attempt to overcome their labor issues.  As you might imagine, there are not many companies locally that are equipped to handle a community the size of Burke Centre.  In fact, ADS is one of the largest, and is one of only a few area companies that operates its own recycling facility.  The Board directed me to explore all options and to be prepared with a recommendation should the service continue to deteriorate.

Initially ADS had been bumping the collection schedule one day for trash and recycling, and from Monday to Wednesday for yard waste.  However, at the end of April, ADS began to eliminate one trash collection day from our schedule without our consent.  The Conservancy had been in discussions with ADS about possibly going to a once a week schedule on a temporary basis for consistency’s sake, however, ADS had proposed Saturday as the collection day, and we were not in agreement that this could be a viable option, even temporarily.  Our contract does allow for withholding funds for their failure to perform, and ADS will be making an adjustment to our billing when they eliminate a collection day.  I’m certain the Board will discuss the topic of refunds from ADS and what is the most appropriate application of any funds received. 

One particularly irritating problem from the beginning has been the inability of ADS to tell us that the schedule is changing until the day that the schedule changed.  Although we have requested earlier notification, ADS has not been able to provide it.  This has been extremely frustrating for everyone.

The trash contract with ADS is one of two main topics for the Board of Trustees at its working session scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 2019.  The Board will be discussing options to restore reliable trash and recycling services to our members at the meeting.  This could include a decision to terminate the contract with ADS and hire a new vendor, but that is a Board decision that will have to be weighed at the meeting.  Changing contractors is not without some risk.  The last thing we want to do is to make the situation go from bad to worse.  We have been working hard to restore reliable trash and recycling service for our members, but the ultimate solution will be to utilize a company that has the resources to get the job done.  Whether that company is ADS remains to be seen.

We realize that the patience exhibited by most Burke Centre residents is wearing thin at this point and we are sorry about this situation and the inconvenience it presents. We are doing all we can to correct it as expeditiously as possible.  A decision that moves us forward will hopefully be put into play by the May 7th working session.  I know I speak for everyone when I say, “it can’t come soon enough”.


Patrick Gloyd, Executive Director

Burke Centre Conservancy 


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