Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste Collection
Contractor: Patriot Disposal Services - (703) 257-7100

Leaf & Yard Waste Collection - Mondays

REMINDER NOTICE: Please refrain from placing yard waste in plastic bags per Fairfax County code. Patriot is unable to collect any yard waste that is put out in plastic bags. Thank you for your cooperation!

Patriot asks that yard waste be placed in a paper bag since the compost facility cannot process plastic.

Please put leaves out as yard waste in either a bag or container; and note that leaf piles raked to the curb will not be picked up.

Weight must be under 50 lbs.

The collection schedule for all homes that are covered by the Conservancy's trash contract are as follows:


SPECIAL PICK UPS (Large Items/White Goods/Grills/Mowers/Metals/Etc.): Advance notice is required -- call Patriot at 703-257-7100. There is a fee charged to the homeowner or renter for special pick up service:
  • Appliances - $35
  • Refrigerators - $50
  • Freezers - $70
Please call PATRIOT DISPOSAL SERVICES (703-257-7100) for additional SPECIAL PICK UP rates for other items such as sinks, tubs, etc.

Christmas Tree Collection: Christmas trees will be collected the first two weeks in January. All trees should be placed on the curb with all tinsel/decorations removed. Trees should not be placed in plastic bags.

Inclement Weather:
Safety in our community is a primary concern. Roads and/or areas which are deemed unsafe due to snow or ice will be suspended for collection. Trash and recycling collection service will resume on the next regularly scheduled collection day, once road conditions permit.

If you have any questions, please contact the Conservancy Office at (703) 978-2928; email to [email protected].

Please visit the following web sites for information regarding glass recycling:

• Patriot Disposal - Recycling @
• Fairfax County - Glass Recycling @

If you have any questions, please contact the customer service department at 703-257-7100.

Thank you for your cooperation!

BULK ITEM PICK UP (Mattresses/Small Furniture/Etc.):Please call ahead to schedule pickup. No rocks, concrete, dirt, liquids or other hazardous material.


  • Trash must be placed in trash cans and put at the curb by no later than 6:00 a.m. on the morning of the scheduled collection, and not earlier than the evening before the scheduled collection day.
  • Please make note that no paint, motor oil, insecticide or other toxic/hazardous material (or container) will be collected.
  • Per the Burke Centre Conservancy’s Architectural Standards: “for health and aesthetic reasons trash shall be put out in closed, rodent-proof containers...” Patriot will pick up trash disposed of in plastic bags, however, the Conservancy guidelines require that all trash be placed in rodent-proof containers. Plastic bags are not considered rodent-proof unless they are deposited into a metal or plastic container with a lid.

  • All trash cans should be clearly marked with the house number to help the Conservancy staff narrow down and identify homes in neighborhoods where it can be challenging to identify who is responsible for improper disposal of trash in plastic bags.

For service complaints and to request special pickups, please contact Patriot at (703) 257-7100. You are encouraged to also report complaints to the Conservancy office for tracking purposes. Please call the office with any questions at (703) 978-2928.


The following Burke Centre cluster (condo/co-op) areas have separate trash service -- please contact your management office for assistance with trash/recycling collection issues.
  • Burke Cove (Landings)
  • Walden Commons
  • Bridgetown Commons
  • Burkeshire Commons
  • Crevenna Oaks
  • Summit Oaks
  • Woodwalk (Landings)