Wildlife in Burke Centre
Nature and Community in Harmony

Please do not feed the geese!

Wildlife Committee:

The Wildlife Committee was established to educate, advise, and inspire the Burke Centre community to uphold its motto, "Nature and Community in Harmony".

In addition to community mediation on wildlife issues, the committee has monitored streams for water quality, stenciled storm drains, built bluebird nesting boxes, created a butterfly garden at Lake Barton (certified as a 'Backyard Wildlife Habitat' by the National Wildlife Federation), maintained a bulletin board at Lake Barton, and initiated the 'Scales and Tails' exhibit at the annual festival.

Wildlife Committee volunteers work periodically on the following projects:

  • Research non-lethal options for discouraging geese where needed
  • Research fish populations in Burke Centre ponds
  • Water Quality & Watershed Protection
  • Pond Study – Assist Open Space Committee & staff to determine siltation levels & dam safety of Burke Centre ponds
  • Identify invasive vines and options for removal
  • Encourage butterfly gardens for clusters & homes
Determine feasibility of native wildflowers in naturalized open spaces

Wildlife Committee meetings are held periodically throughout the calendar year. To become a Wildlife Committee volunteer, contact the Conservancy office at (703) 978-2928 or send email to [email protected]. Please include your name, address, telephone number, and indicate your interest in the Wildlife Committee.


   Burke Centre Wildlife Management Policy
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