Burke Centre Pickleball
Pickleball at Landings

Pickleball in Burke Centre

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country for several reasons: it is fun, easy to learn how to play, is a very social activity, and games go fairly quickly. Here in Burke Centre, the lines for two Pickleball courts at each of the The Landings and The Woods have been painted for Pickleball. These lined courts are all lighted, so Pickleball can be played after dark. The Burke Centre Conservancy has chartered the Burke Centre Pickleball Association (BCPA) to promote and assist with managing Pickleball play in Burke Centre. BCPA has reserved Pickleball play on different days at these two venues.

BCPA Logo Please visit the BCPA site to find out what we are doing, when and how we play, and how you can join in the fun.

The Burke Centre Pickleball courts are for the use and enjoyment of Burke Centre residents and their guests only. A Burke Centre member with a court key, which may be purchased at the Conservancy Office for $25, must be present to open the courts and allow play. Any Conservancy member in good standing may purchase a Burke Centre court key.