Burke Centre Classes

2021 UPDATE:
ue to the global pandemic, many of the Conservancy's regular classes were put on hold for over a year. The Virginia Governor's office eased COVID-19 restrictions regarding gatherings and use of community centers at the end of May 2021. We are slowly rebuilding our wonderful class offerings and look forward to returning to our full schedule. 


Future Entrepreneur
Class (Mondays)

Our future entrepreneurs program will focus on cultivating our student’s leadership skills, emotional

intelligence, help them to discover their personal purpose, spark innovative ideas, and teach them team

building and problem-solving strategies. Each student will have the opportunity to build their personal

startup company and present it to their parents at the end of the program!

Dates: 9/13-10/18

Time: 6pm-7pm

$100 Registration


Music Production Class(Tuesdays):

Our music production program focuses on teaching the participants how to write, arrange and form their own personal songs. Our participants learn how to create basic beats, set up, mix and produce music. Our participants will discover, explore and develop the artist within them. Our class ends with our participants performing or presenting their musical production they created within our program to their peers and parents!

Dates: 9/14-10/19

Time: 6pm-7pm

$100 Registration

Fashion & Photography Class-(Wednesdays):

Our program introduces participants to the fashion and photography industry. It provides skills training in design,

style and photography. Our participants will create hands-on projects that require teamwork and learn how to produce

fashion stories and shoots. We will end the program with our participants setting up their very own fashion runway

show where the students model their designs.

Dates: 9/15-10/20

Time: 6pm-7pm

$100 Registration

Theater & Acting(Thursdays):

Our theater and acting program focuses on improving the participants in voice, acting, stage presence, creativity,

singing and dancing skills. Our participants will discover, explore and develop the artist within them. We help our

participants cultivate their improving and cold script reading skills, while learning creative dramatics. Our class ends

with a short play which is our grand finale. We encourage parents and peers to attend this day of FUN at the end of the program!

Dates 9/16-10/21

Time: 6pm-7pm

$100 Registration

Class offerings may vary from month to month. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of these affordable and convenient class opportunities. Monthly class schedules and fees may be found in each edition of The Conservator, or by contacting the class instructor directly. For more details about a particular class and instructor information, please click on the appropriate hyperlink provided below.

Unless otherwise noted, the classes shown below are still inactive at this time.